Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Path to Microsoft Certified Master (SQL Server 2008)

I came across an interesting blog link yesterday by Joseph Sack which outlines the new path to get certified for Microsoft Certified Master.

The current MCM program requires you to take three written exams and a six hour lab exam which would cost around 15,000 USD.

The new MCM program requires you to take a knowledge exam and a lab exam which would cost $2500.

In his blog, Joseph says -- "It’s our goal to reach the SQL Server experts worldwide who may be qualified to achieve MCM certification, but who’ve run up against the previous barriers of time, cost and location. By reducing or removing these barriers, while keeping the integrity and value of the certification, we expect to grow the community of SQL Server MCMs and increase its visibility and awareness of its value."

I hope this helps all the people who are trying to get certified as MCM.

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