Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Copy Paste problem in excel 2007

Today one of my colleagues was working in excel. He had a dataset that in one sheet which was filtered. He wanted to copy those records that were filtered into a new worksheet. But when he copied and pasted the cells into another sheet the cells that were pasted contained all the rows. What he wanted to copy was only the filtered rows. This becomes a problem sometimes in Excel 2007

To overcome his paste problem I have suggested the following steps

Go to the Editing group in the Home tab
Click on the "Find and Select" button
Click on the "Go to Special" from the list
And click on "Visible cells only " radio button and click ok

Now you can copy and paste only filtered rows in excel.

Another quick turn around is open the workbook in another computer where the filtered cells copy paste works and do the first copy and paste and close the worksheet.
Now if you open the spreadsheet on the first computer the filtered cells copy and paste works !

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