Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Save SQL Query results into another SQL database

Today I had a requirement to save the results of an SQL query into a sql table. Usually it is easy to export to excel by using the option of copying the results and pasting them to an excel file.

But this time I had over a million rows and I didnot want to use excel to store that huge amount of data. So I followed the following 2 simple steps.

1. Create a new table in a new database:

Use the SSMS to create the database and use the create table query to create the new table as follows:

create table databasename.dbo.tablename

([col1] [varchar(20)], [col2] [int], [col3] [datetime])

2. Create a SQL query using the Insert into command as follows:

Insert into databasename.dbo.tablename

(col1, col2, col3)

select a.col1, b.col2, c.col3 from tab1 a, tab2 b, tab3 c

where a.col1=b.col1 and b.col2=c.col3 and col1='zzz'

This query has inserted data into the new table directly.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Add months to date in excell

Yesterday I had this requirement to add number of months (m) to a cell that contains start date to estimate the end date. In 2003 I had to use a complex formula like below where A1 is the cell that contians the start date.


Well in Excel 2007 it is even more easy to add months with the Edate function like below.

=Edate(A1, m).

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