Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Using Countif in Excel

I was using excel today and I wanted to count all the cells in a range only when there is a value greater than 2. So I started hunting for a funciton in excel and found the countif function.


But when I started using it like this -- Countif(A1:A100,>2) it didn't work. It was coming up with an error.

So I tried Countif(A1:A100,">2"). This worked. So if we include the criteria in quotes then the formula worked.

I also noticed a sumif function that also works in a similar way. It populates the sum of all the cells in the range specified that satisfy the criteria given.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Webinar-- Best Practices for Sharepoint 2010 upgrade

Shared Squared is running a webinar on 26th July 2011. The topic is -- " Best Practices for SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Configuration"

Here is an excerpt from the site

The webinar will include various demonstrations and discuss:

•Who should upgrade, why & when
•How to assess existing SharePoint deployments and identify upgrade risks and opportunities
•Specific tasks that need to be done to prepare for SharePoint 2010
•How to identify and upgrade existing 2007 customizations
•Best Practices for supporting parallel environments, migration & preserving the investment in your existing SharePoint deployment
•Avoiding Upgrade & Migration Pitfalls

You can register here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adventure Works for SQL Server Denali CTP3

I came across this link on Codeplex this morning which will be helpful for learing Denali

Here is an excerpt from the site

This release is dedicated to the Adventure Works sample databases and related samples that ship for Microsoft SQL Server code-named "Denali", Community Technical Preview 3 (CTP3). This release uses the AdventureWorks2008R2 and AdventureWorksDWDenali sample databases. They have been upgraded to the "Denali" CTP3 version.

The only change to AdventureWorks2008R2 is the removal of the FILESTREAM dependency. The FILESTREAM properties have been removed from the Production.Document table. No additional schema or data changes have been made.

The only changes to AdventureWorksDWDenali are the additions of the FactProductInventory table, which contains inventory data, and more date data in the DimDate table to fill the years, 2001 to 2006.

These databases cannot be installed on any version of SQL Server other than SQL Server code-named "Denali" CTP3.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Powerpoint presentation tips

Today I was sitting in a demo presentation and learned a few tips that my colleague Mark Crosby shared.

Did you know that in the slide show mode of the powerpoint presentation if you want to jump to a particular slide, you can just put in the slide number and enter and you can go straight into that slide without coming out of the presentation mode. He also added that if you have the slides printed and numbered it will be easy for you to go to the respective slide if you know the number of the slide.

Another tip he shared is by pressing the 'B' key you can pause the presentation so that the audience concentrate on you rather than on the presentation. The screen turns black. You can resume the presentation by pressing the same 'B' key.

Pressing the 'W' key will make the screen white instead of black and resuming the presentation can be done by pressing the 'W' key again.

I thought these tips will be helpful for all you presenters out there....
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Adding Hyperlinks in Crystal Reports

Last week one of my colleagues asked whether there is a possibility to add hyperlinks in crystal reports. I thought that is a good question but felt that you could add and so started searching for an option in crystal reports. Here is what I found.

When you select a particular field for which you want to hyperlink and rightclick and choose the option format field. There is a tab called hyperlink and there are variety of options to add a hyperlink as shown below. As you can see the options to add a hyperlink are a link to a website, an email address, a file, current email field value and current website field value.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

What is Google + ?

In the past one week I have heard this term Google+ so many times that it intrigued me to find out what exactly this is. I am sure some of you may have heard it too. So I resorted to Google and here is an excerpt from the cnet site.

For now, Google is quick to call Google+ a "project," and acknowledged that the social service still has "rough edges." However, it currently has a host of features to help people communicate over the Web with friends and family.

Google+ is designed around "Circles" that allow users to group people within their social sphere into different categories. Google says that the people you tend to meet up with on Saturday nights, for example, can be grouped into their own category, while parents can be placed into another. You can then decide to share only certain information with different Circles.

In addition, the social service includes a feature called Hangouts that lets you find others who are "hanging out" on the Web. If you decide to join a given hangout, you'll be able to engage in a video chat with the others there. Google+ also comes with an Instant Upload option that automatically uploads all photos and videos from your phone to your profile. From there, you can decide who to share that content with.

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