Friday, September 08, 2017

SSIS Error -- Exception deserializing the package "Access to the path ...... denied'

I was trying to build an SSIS package that one of my colleagues has created.

The first error that was thrown was  as below:
Exception deserializing the package "Access to the path 'C:\BACKup\Test\Test\bin\Development\Tcopy.ispac' is denied.".

Here are the steps that I have followed to resolve this.

Step 1  Check whether the package user has access to the path of the solution.
Step 2. Close the solution.
Step 3  Open Task Manager and end any process of DTS.  as shown below.

Step 4  Delete the .ispac file that is created in the bin/Development folder
Step 5  Reopen the solution and rebuild the package.

Hope these steps will help you resolve the build issues 

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