Monday, January 23, 2012

Have you heard of Prezi?

Late last year one of my colleagues Mark Crosby has introduced the Prezi tool in our company to do presentations. Prezi is a presentation software that can be used in creating more visual presentations. It is different to the traditional powerpoint software as it has a Zooming user interface and uses a vector based illustration and text which creates big visual impact.

The main differences between PRezi and Powerpoint that I have found are as follows:

The first difference I found is that Prezi is an online application that does not need any installation of software whereas Powerpoint is an installed software application.

Prezi is more like a canvas based presentation whereas powerpoint is more based on slides that are arranged in a sequntial manner.

In Prezi you cannot just copy and paste pictures like we do in powerpoint. The pictures need to be uploaded and then included in the Prezi creations.

In Prezi you can use only flash objects and embed youtube videos whereas in powerpoint you can include a wide variety of video formats.

You cannot print the sides as a handout in Prezi like you do in powerpoint.

There are many other differences, strengths and weaknesses in both the tools and for now I will start using PRezi more and more and see as it is easy to learn.

Let me know what your thoughts are

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