Monday, December 23, 2013

Work Directory in ODBC Connection is empty

 "Work Directory in ODBC Connection is empty, unable to proceed."

 That was the error I was getting today when I was trying to load a table from MDS using Wherescape Red. At first I didnot understand why there is a work directory needed. When I looked at the MDS cnnection settings The default Load was set to Native ODBC and the work directory was not set as shown below.


 As soon as I have set the directory to c:\ the loading of the table worked.

 Because the Native ODBC load reads all the data and creates temporary tables, this method of data loading requires a work directory to be specified so that the data is written in batch mode rather than one row at a time similar to ODBC load. When the reading a writing takes place one row at a time we need not specifiy the work directory. But the native ODBC load is faster because of a batch write process.

Ensure that a process for deleting the temporary tables is in place if you are loading using Native ODBC.

If you are using the ODBC Load there is no need to specify the work directory.

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