Thursday, January 09, 2020

Video of my webinar "Webscraping in Power BI"

The video of my webinar on "Webscraping in PowerBI"  is now available on Microsoft Power BI youtube channel.

Here is the link for the same

The presentation materials are at the below link.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

A review of the book "The Art of CRM By Max Fatouretchi"

Are you thinking of starting a new CRM Project ?
Are you thinking of upgrading your CRM ?
Are you thinking of just learning what lies in a CRM ?
Are you planning to architect any CRM solutions ?

If the answer to any of the above is "YES", then read on ...

This is a review on the book  titled .... "The Art of CRM by Max Fatouretchi "

In this book Max starts off explaining what the key ingredients are for a successful CRM design and he says that there is no single method that can be used in all CRM projects.

Then he goes on and explains how critical it is to know your customer and build a strong 360-degree client view, to enable the customer to improve their product offering and untimely improve their operational costs and revenue.

He also emphasises that the the CRM design that you conceptualise should reflect both the present and future architectural approach you take towards your processes, applications, data, security and deployment decisions that in turn are driven by business requirement.

Based on his vast experience, he also outlined that the Agile methodology has proved to be best suited for modern CRM projects with the technological advances such as AI, Big data and Machine Learning.

He has neatly explained with the case studies and use case examples that AI in combination with CRM processes will improve customer experience and business insights.

In the last chapter, he concluded that the future of CRM will be more like a Lego Model -- consisting of colourful, interlocking, functional modules accompanying an array of gears, connectors and other services that are well integrated.

If you would like to implement a successful cost-effective CRM platform, then I definitely recommend to read this book

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Video recording of my session at the Global AI Bootcamp Dec 2019

I presented a session at the Global AI Bootcamp in Auckland on "Creating Real Time Image Classifiers"  -- Custom Vision vs. Computer Vision

The video of my presentation is here.  Thanks to Jonathan Ng for recording this.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

My session materials for Webscraping in Power BI Webinar

@Kelly Kaye thanks for the opportunity to present a Webinar for the Power BI Community yesterday. My topic was  'Webscraping in Power BI''.
Below is the link to presentation material and PBIX demo files on github.

I will share the link of the webinar as soon as it is available

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Power BI Competition for Kids aged between 9 and 14 yeaars

On Monday the 18th November, I have concluded the 14 weeks databases and data visualisation classes by running a #powerbi data visualisation competition for kids.   #mvpbuzz

Extremely happy that Reza Rad and Leila Etaati have agreed to be the judges for this #powerbi nz competition for the second time in a row.

I have given the links to makeovermonday website to choose their own data and come up with their visualisations. Altogether 14 kids participated in the competition and they were amazing.

I sincerely thank all the kids and parents Anusha Pushparajan, Puvana, Sreesutha Nampally, Vinaya Shetty, Govardhani, Swathi and  all others who are not there on LinkedIn for all their extended support without which the event would not have been successful.  Now I feel that the kids have learnt something useful over the last 14 weeks. :) 

Below are the photos of the top 3 winners of the competition. If anyone is interested in watching the videos of the kids presentations you can access the below link

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

My journey with helping kids love data

In this article I wanted to share my journey with helping kids to get know about data and how to visualize data so that it makes more sense.

How did it all start ?

In June 2016, I signed up as a mentor for #jhackNZ. 2016 Game Development Competition for high school kids.  This competition was targeted for high school kids. 

JHACK in partnership with Microsoft ran their first workshop on 26th June 2016. Over 100 kids were trained for half a day on a game development software called Construct 2. 

They were given 6 weeks to develop games and submit.  All the mentors that signed up also were trained on Construct 2.  After the training, when I was returning home from the event, a thought came up – “Why not I teach some of the primary school kids that come to the Sunday school.’

This idea was put into practice on July 11th, with the start of the school holidays. I chose about 12 kids who come to the Sunday School between the age of 9 to 12 years and started teaching them the software Construct 2 that I learned in 2 hours.  I planned a 6 weeks course at that time.

I mentioned this to the Program Manager of #JHacknz after 2 weeks of successfully running the course.  She encouraged me and said “Why don’t the kids submit some games for the competition?”  This motivated me to encourage kids to build some games that they would like to build.  And on September 16th 8 individual games and 1 group game were successfully submitted. 

On 25th September all the kids and parents joined the other high school kids who have submitted games for the competition.  It was full day of fun and activity for the kids with industry experts and the final 5 games were selected for individual category and 5 games were selected for group games category. The kids whose games were selected had to present to all the audience about their games 

We were thrilled to hear that 2 of our kids games made to the finals.  You can have a look at them presenting 

So after their presentations in the final round, we were once again pleased to hear that these two games got 2nd and third prizes in the individual category.  I couldn’t believe this and this was a significant achievement for all of us.  You can check the photos here.

So what’s next ?

After the success of the game development course, I thought I should spend some time teaching kids about technology.  So I was thinking of what to teach them and came up with a lot of ideas and finally settled with -- why not teach them with what I have been doing for the last 15 years ?

I planned a 12 week course on Databases and Data visualisations and started my first class on July 10th 2018   In the databases section of the class, I taught them fundamentals of SQL using Microsoft SQL Server Express using SQL Server Management Studio.  

I have posted a detailed description of what happened in each week in my blog posts –

This was planned to be delivered in the first 6 weeks.  At the end of the 6 weeks, I conducted a test in SQL to gauge whether the kids have understood what I was trying to teach them.  The results of the test was very good as described here. 

I started off Week 7 with the Data Visualisations classes that are mainly focused on Power BI.  I taught the basic concepts of Power BI as below:
·       Getting Data into Power BI, 
·       Power Query,
·       Creating a column,
·       Creating a measure and what is the difference between these two
·       Simple SUM and Count in DAX
·       Creating bookmarks
·       Creating data visualisations

At the end of the full 12 weeks course, I have conducted a Power BI competition for all the kids.  I have given them the link to the Makeovermonday datasets and asked them to pick their datasets that interests them and do an analysis from these for the competition.
The judges for this competition were the two renowned Microsoft MVPs Reza Rad and Leila Etaati
The details of this competition are in this link here

What did I learn from teaching kids about data ?
Below are some of the learnings from this journey

  • Always try new initiatives –
  • Have Fun – This is very important
  • Be Fearless 
  • Everyone is Special 
  • Always Be Happy 
  • Give with an Open Heart 
  • Be Creative and Be Happy 
  • Believe in Yourself

So What Happened Next ?

This year I have started the same course "Free Databases and Data Visualisations" for 9 to 13 year old kids. Updates can be obtained on my blog from here
Also the season 1 kids have submitted 4 visualisations for the #Backtoschool competition held by Microsoft.  The details of all the 4 submissions are below:

Climate News

Climate News (Back to School)

Hi All This dashboard is developed by 12 to 13 year old kids whose names are as below: Harshavardhan Tammina...

Story of Historical Events

Career Pathways

Road Safety

Road Safety (Back to School)

Hi All This dashboard is developed by 12 to 15 year old kids whose names are as below: Avantika Nannegari (15 ...

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Free Databases and Data Visualisations course for kids Weeks 9 to 11 update

It has been quite a while since I have posted about the free databases and data visualisation classes for 9 to 14 year old kids.  So here I am with an update.  In the SQL test that was conduced in week 8, about 10 kids have written taken the test.  All of them have scored more than 80% except for 1 person who scored 70%.  I am pleased with the overall result.

For the last 3 weeks, I have started teaching Power BI to the kids.  Three more kids have joined the Power BI classes. I taught basics of importing data using a csv file.  Also gave an overview of the 3 views in Power BI Desktop, query editor, Applied steps pane, removing columns etc.

I have also covered about new columns and measures  what the main difference is between columns and measures. I have covered various visualisations in the Report View by explaining them what a measure and dimension is.

Next week I have asked everyone to pick a dataset on their own and come up with their data visualisations.  So waiting for their creativity to unveil.

Video of my webinar "Webscraping in Power BI"

The video of my webinar on "Webscraping in PowerBI"  is now available on Microsoft Power BI youtube channel. Here is the link f...