Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Increasing the number of recent files in SSMS

In Sql Server Management Studio, I usually access my sql query files that I save -- using the File -- Recent Files option. The default setting of the number of recent files to be displayed in SSMS. Today I wanted to access a file that I had used last week and I could not find that file in the recent list.

So I thought of displaying more than the normal 4 files that are displayed in the Recent Files option. So I set out to find where the settings are (as in the microsoft office programs) -- I clicked on Tools -- Options -- General -- The option reads as

Display 4 files in the recently used list. I changed the number 4 to 10.

Now it is starting to display 10 recently used files.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Export directory list in excel

  • Yesterday I wanted to export the contents of a folder into excel to provide it to the users for input.

    Here are the steps I followed.

  • Go to Start -- Run -- CMD

  • Change to the drive letter of the drive in which the folder you want the contents listed is if you are not already there by typing the drive letter followed by a colon. Eg: d: for going to the d drive.

  • Change to the folder of which you want the contents to be exported by using the chane directory command cd. Eg: cd shared/test for changing into the a directory called test which in turn is in the shared direcotry on the d drive.

  • Then list the directories using the dir/d comman. This gives the list.

  • Right click and click on MAark and select the contents you want to copy.

  • After selecting right click again.

  • Then paste this into a new excel document.

  • Your list of directories is ready.

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