Thursday, July 14, 2011

Powerpoint presentation tips

Today I was sitting in a demo presentation and learned a few tips that my colleague Mark Crosby shared.

Did you know that in the slide show mode of the powerpoint presentation if you want to jump to a particular slide, you can just put in the slide number and enter and you can go straight into that slide without coming out of the presentation mode. He also added that if you have the slides printed and numbered it will be easy for you to go to the respective slide if you know the number of the slide.

Another tip he shared is by pressing the 'B' key you can pause the presentation so that the audience concentrate on you rather than on the presentation. The screen turns black. You can resume the presentation by pressing the same 'B' key.

Pressing the 'W' key will make the screen white instead of black and resuming the presentation can be done by pressing the 'W' key again.

I thought these tips will be helpful for all you presenters out there....

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