Friday, November 26, 2010

39 videos on Microsoft BI Tools

I stumbled across this site today that contains very useful videos on Microsoft BI tools.

There are 39 videos of which I have listed the top five from thier site here.
  • The first video is a twelve minute introduction entitled "What is Business Intelligence?" This video covers what is meant by terms such as data warehousing and business intelligence and why companies undertake such projects.
  • The second video is a 34 minute overview of how a single data warehouse can be used to deliver business value to a wide variety of users through scorecards, dashboards, reports, analytic applications, and custom applications.
  • The third video discusses the process of data warehousing, from the initial problem definition through the creation of the cubes and delivery of the data. This video runs 19.5 minutes.
  • The fourth video is "Why Business Intelligence Projects Fail (and what you can do about it)." This covers some of the primary reasons that BI projects fail along with tips for addressing the problems. This video is 32.5 minutes in length.
  • The fifth video is "Introduction to Business Intelligence Development Studio" and covers the primary tool used to create data warehouses. This is the environment for creating SSIS packages, SSAS cubes, and SSRS reports. This video runs 15.5 minutes.

    So go ahead and register and enjoy the videos

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Rani........ said...

Thanks for ur Reference to these videos...

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