Friday, November 05, 2010

The hardly used stuff function

My share of todays learning at sql share is the unusual stuff function. I have not heard of this function before and here are my learnings from the video by Andy Warren.
  • Stuff function inserts a string into a string at a specified position. It feels a bit like REPLACE (and you can certainly use it that way), but it's really designed to do something different - push x characters into a string based on an index and length.
  • Andy was surprised to realize it was the only string function he had never used to solve a problem.
  • If you try to use the stuff function to insert a null at a certain position of the string to replace a few characters, it does not error but it just returns the remaining characters after removing the number of characters you have specified.
  • If you try to use the stuff function that has null in its string, no matter what you try to replace it with it returns null

To learn more watch the video by Andy Warren.

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