Monday, October 11, 2010

Delivering KPIs with Analysis Services -- 24HOP recording by Peter Myers

Today I had the chance to view the 24HOP session recording "Delivering KPIs with Analysis Services by Peter Myers"

Here are my learnings.

What are KPIs?
  • KPI -- Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measures comparing business performance to goals
  • KPIs are aligned with corporate strategy and objectives.
  • KPIs are designed to drive desired behavours
  • KPIs presents a measure of overall organisational health when combined into a collection for a business scorecard

KPI data requirements

  • A KPI should have at least an actual and a target value
  • Ideally corporate data systems will deliver both values
  • Actuals are typically retrieved from operational databases
  • Targets can be retrieved from planing systems
  • Sometimes the target values can be stored in supplementary data stores or can have fixed traget values.

The Demos included covered the following aspects.

Preparing the cube to store target values
Seeding arget values based on historical actual values using simple factor, data mining (time series)
Contributing target values using Excel 2010

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