Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Free Databases and Data Visualisations course for kids Week 4

Databases and Data Visualisations course for kids aged between 11 to 15 years week 4 update. It was another full house on Monday with 16 kids and 4 parents attending the course. #sqlfamily #microsoftnz  This time a uni student Sakshi came to help.

The first 45 minutes were spent in solving issues with questions like --
- 'I created a table but I cannot see it'
- 'Why is my insert statement not working ?'
- 'I have inserted a lot of duplicate records.  How do I delete them ?'
- 'I am getting a syntax error'

After this, when I did the recap of what happened last week, I was pleased to see most of the kids eagerly answering my questions. I felt that now all the kids are able to genuinely understand what I am trying to teach them.

The agenda for this week was to explain the update and delete statements.  The Like and In operators in the where clause.  Some of the basic SQL functions like Min, Max, Count, AVG, SUM.  String functions like Left, Right and Substring.

It is interesting to see how some of the kids think.  One of them asked what if we accidentally deleted all records ?  Then I covered the Begin Transaction, rollback and commit features which I didn't even plan to cover as I thought that will be deeper and difficult for them to understand.

As usual I felt very happy to see the enthusiasm in these kids. I am looking forward for the session on next Monday.

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