Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Free Databases and Data Visualisations course for kids Week 3

Databases and Data Visualisations course for kids aged between 11 to 15 years week 3 update. It was a full house yesterday with 15 kids and 5 parents attending the course. #sqlfamily #microsoftnz

During my recap of what happened last week, two of the kids wanted to answer all of my questions.  For the homework that I have given, I could see kids create databases named 'mytrips', 'moviesworld', 'personalitytraits', 'eventmanagement', 'Hobbies' etc.

There were only 2 challenges faced by the kids when they were doing their home work.  First was when they had a space in the database or table name. Second was the table was not created in the new database they created.

The agenda for week 3 was to show them how to insert data into the tables and view the data.  I could just cover select statement and basic where clause and the time was up.

I feel very happy to see the enthusiasm in these kids. I am looking forward for the session on next Monday.

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