Thursday, May 06, 2010

PASS Hosts New Com.PASS Content Feeds

PASS is pleased to host Com.PASS, a new set of content feeds that provide Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence professionals broad access to quality information across respected community Websites.

Conceived by Brian Knight of Pragmatic Works and developed in collaboration with PASS President Rushabh Mehta, Editor Steve Jones, and Founder and Managing Editor Stephen Wynkoop, Com.PASS employs a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package that uses keywords to scrub selected community Websites for relevant content.
“Com.PASS is about making it faster and easier for busy SQL Server pros to find the information they need to do their jobs better,” notes PASS’s Mehta. “You can quickly get lost in the sea of links and information available on the Web. Com.PASS feeds you content in your target topic areas from sites that you can trust.”

Initially focusing on BI content, Com.PASS currently includes five feeds:

§ Com.PASS.BI, for BI content across the Microsoft SQL Server and Office stacks
§ Com.PASS.SSAS, for SQL Server Analysis Services content
§ Com.PASS.SSIS, for SQL Server Integration Services content
§ Com.PASS.SSRS, for SQL Server Reporting Services content
§ Com.PASS, which combines all the feeds Just click a feed to add it to your RSS reader.

Learn more and subscribe to your favorite feeds.

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