Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Exceptional DBA Awards -- Get nominated or nominate people you know

Nominations for The Exceptional DBA of 2010 open today, giving database administrators around the world the chance to be recognized for service to their employers, the SQL Server community, and the IT industry at large.
The link to the site is:

Secure and available data is crucial for a company's success, and so are the DBAs. All too often DBAs don't get the respect they deserve.
And if you agree with us that it's time to change this, then please help us find 2010's Exceptional DBA Awards winner!

"If you are an exceptional DBA, or know of an exceptional DBA, I encourage you to participate in the Exceptional DBA Awards. Not only will it give you or some exceptional DBA some much-deserved recognition, it will also help to increase the awareness of the importance of the DBA role among the IT community."
Brad McGehee, Exceptional DBA Awards Judge

Would you like to nominate yourself or a DBA you know? Nominations are now open, and we are waiting for your entry! Please make sure that all details have been submitted before June 4, 2010.

Free resources for exceptional DBAs
The awards sponsor, Red Gate Software, is offering you Brad McGehee's "Day-to-Day DBA Best Practices" poster and a free trial of the SQL Backup Bundle – all Red Gate's DBA tools in a single suite. Red Gate's SQL Backup Bundle includes products such as SQL Backup, to compress, encrypt and strengthen backups, and SQL Response, to monitor SQL Server health and activity. Download free resources now.

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