Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PowerPoint Show (*.pps) file copies as a PowerPoint (.ppt) file when downloaded from the internet

Today we had a probelm on our website, where when you try to download a PowerPoint Show (.pps) file, the file was downloading as a PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt) file instead of a .pps file.

I have done some research on google and found the following solution to my problem.

  • In IIS Administrative Console snap-in, right-click the specific Web server where the .pps file is located, and then click Properties.
  • Click the HTTP Headers tab.
  • Click on Mime Types button in IIS 6.0
  • Click the File Types button in older versions of IIS.
  • Click New Type.
  • In the Extension box, type .pps, and then in the Content type (MIME) box, type application/
  • Click OK, and then restart IIS.

To know more click on the link from Microsoft

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