Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Workbook is larger than the maximum workbook size

I use sharepoint 2010 to display the data analysis tool I have created in excel 2010 to manage the Microsoft licenses as well as to utilise the excel 2010 capabilities of slicers and dicers. This has been going pretty smoothly until yesterday when I stumbled with this error below.

"Workbook is larger than the maximum workbook size"

So I had to go through the Excel web services properties on the sharepoint server and increase the maximum file size.


Here are the steps that I followed.


  • Logged into the Central Administration of the Sharepoint on the relevant server.
  • Clicked on Application Management
  • Clicked on Manage Service Applications
  • Cicked on Excel Service Application which is a hyperlink in blue
  • Clicked on Trusted File Locations and clicked on the relevant link as shown below

  • Under the file size properties I have changed from 10 to 15 as shown below. Once this is done the page needs to be reloaded and the excel web part works beautifully.

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