Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Using Login Auditing in SQL SERVER by Brian Kelly

Today featured video in SQL Share was Brian Kelly's "Using Login Auditing in SQL SERVER". I watched this 3 min. video and learnt the following.

I know that we can view sql server error logs. I monitor them on a daily basis but I didnt know that the login audit requires a setup that is a bit similar to the normal windows event log set up. This can be set up when you right click on the sql server connection in the management studio and choose properties and then choose Security. There is n option to choose Failed logins only, Successful logins only and both failed and successful logins and of course the none option aswell.

These login auditing will not only appear in the sql server error logs but in the windows event logs as well.

The best part that we are getting as part of watching the sql share videos is testing the knowledge we have acquired immediately after the video finishes which I think is very innovative.

If you would like to watch the same video click on the link

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