Monday, May 01, 2006

Free HTML Javascript tool for integrating RSS feeds into your website

A XML RSS free reader enables you to increase functionality to your website. Search engines look for fresh content and an up to date website is more likely to climb search engine rankings and get more visitors. The page is automatically updated on-the-fly, easily spidered by search engine robots, and easy to implement.

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Anonymous said...

hi I have used the same for my other site : it looks great !

Anonymous said...

Francesco Vitetta from and SEO of states :

An appealing design will pull people into your web site, but it's the content that will make them stick and become buyers. In other words: Pictures tell, but words sell. That's why your content is one of the most important elements of your web site.

Outlining a clear strategy for your content is the initial step to creating effective content for your web site. First, identify what you want to accomplish, what information it will include and how the content will be organized.

Your site should provide information your prospects need to know to buy from you plus information you want them to know that will convince them to buy from you. Need-to-know-type content for potential customers might include information about your company, products/services, customers and testimonials.Information that you want them to know might include work samples, frequently asked questions, press releases, reports, articles and other material that can educate them about your business. And don't forget to include a clear and effective marketing message that will convert visitors into buyers. After all, isn't that the primary reason for having a web site?

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