Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ticks and Crosses

Today I had to mark the test module I was creating with some ticks and crosses when the user answers the questions in the test. I thought of using images of crosses and ticks. So I searched on google high and low for a reasonable tick and a cross. But couldn't find reasonable ones.

Then Wayne suggested to use symbols from Word. So I used the symbols in Front Page.

Did you know that 'P' means a tick(P) when we change the font to 'Windings 2'?
Also did you know that 'Q' means a cross(Q) when you change the font to 'Windings 2'?

Well the advantage of using these symbols was you could change the color of the font to whatever you want.

1 comment:

Virtual PR said...

Thank you so much, I've been searching for ages to suss how to put a tick in my photoshop doc and this is so quick and simple! Great info.

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