Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Capturing time spent on a form

There was a requirement to show the time taken to take the test in the test module. I started off with something like this.

I used the following code on the test page:
<body onload="" starttime =" new" onunload="endTime = new Date(); document.form1.timerField.value = endTime.getTime() - startTime.getTime()">


But this was somehow not capturing the endTime.

So I had resorted to functions as follows using javascript.

var endtime
var starttime
var tdiff

function doStart() {
starttime = new Date();
document.form1.startTime.value = starttime.valueOf();

function doEnd() {

endtime=new Date()
document.form1.endTime.value = endtime.valueOf() ;

function diff()
tdiff = endtime.valueOf() - starttime.valueOf();
document.form1.timerField.value = round_decimals((tdiff/60000),2) ;

This displays the time taken to complete the test on the results page by using the Request.Form("timerField")

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