Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Did you know that you could export data from different SSRS Tablix into different excel sheets of a workbook?

Today I had a requirement from one of my customer to export data from two different tables generated out of SSRS reports into two different tabs of an excel sheet.
As per my article -- 
Tips to eliminate merged and hidden cells issue when a SSRS reports export to excel. my report has two Tablix with two different data sources. 

These are the steps I followed to export into two different tabs of an excel sheet.
Step 1   Right click on a column in the first Tablix and choose Tablix Properties.
On the General tab there are Page Break options.
Choose the Add Page Break After option as shown below.

Step 2  Next step is to ensure that the header is repeated on the second tab. To achieve this, select the header and choose properties.
Go the RepeatWith Property and choose Tablix2 as shown below.

Now when you export data using Export to Excel – there will be two sheets populated.  The first sheet will contain the first Tablix information and the second sheet will contain the second Tablix information.

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