Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I had a strange problem today. I went to the website I have developed and maintain and tried to click on the print button and expected to get a normal printout. But instead was surprised to get a blank print out with just the header and footer.

I thought I haven't changed any code why did it stop working. I just assumed that it was not working for anyone without testing on other computers. After about 15 min. I had a request from another colleague to print from some other govt. website. So I hit the print button provided on their website. Then the output was the same with the blank page being printed with just the header and the footer.

Then I have asked one of my other colleagues to print and he could print. Only then I have realised that the problem is with my print spooler.

So developers beware of this problem. You might also face this stuation at some stage.

So the following are the steps that I have taken to restart the print spooler.

  • Right click on 'My Computer' -- and choose Manage

  • From the left hand menu -- choose Services and Applications

  • Then click on Services

  • From the list that appears on the right hand side choose Print Spooler as shown below.

Stop the service and start it again.

Now the important part : If you test Print form the same browser session the print might not work. Make sure that you open a new session and print.

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