Friday, January 14, 2011

SSWUG Free Expo Event: SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning -- Jan 14 9 am to 1 pm PST

Today I received an email about the free virtual expo from SSWUG

Here is an excerpt from the email.

Sessions will cover the following topics:
  • SQL Statement Tuning with Indexing Strategies (Presented by Kevin Kline)
  • Performance Tuning SSIS (Presented by Brian Knight)
  • Using DMVs to Diagnose Performance Issues with High OTLP Workloads (Presented by Glenn Berry)
  • Implementing Resource Governor (Presented by Buck Woody)

With registration, all attendees will also receive a complimentary month of full membership to, where they can learn even more about SQL Server and other databases and database technologies through in-depth articles, podcasts, how-to videos and more. All the content will also be able for seven calendar days after Jan. 14, allowing attendees to revisit key portions of information at a convenience.

Please register now to save your place for this information-packed expo!

So register and enjoy!

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